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I am a mechanical engineering student at Northeastern University set to graduate in May of 2021. I have a deep interest in robotics, product design, material science, and rapid prototyping. I’ve worked as a robotic systems engineer for QinetiQ-NA, where I designed unique robot attachments, shipping cases for robotics systems to be airdropped, and redesigned failing electromechanical components within the Dragon Runner robot. Later on I worked as a mechanical engineer for Desktop Metal. First within their Single Pass Jetting (SPJ) team, and then transitioned to a design role under the director of design. Within the SPJ team I designed and built a metal powder recirculation machine which took waste metal powder from the SPJ system, mixed it with virgin metal powder, and fed it back into the SPJ system, reducing downtime and print material waste. After moving over to the design team, I worked closely with the FIBER team (formerly MAKE composites) to design improvements upon their print-bed leveling system, a spool for their carbon fiber filament, sheet metal covers for their 3D printer, and lots of other small details across their system. In my free time I like to boulder, play guitar, read, and work on projects for my family's restaurant, Tyson's Tacos.

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